Vegan Blueberry Yoghurt Cheesecake

Vegan Blueberry Yoghurt Cheesecake
Kara Parnell

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By Fresh Box and Kara Parnell This recipe for Vegan Blueberry Yoghurt Cheesecake is the best opportunity I can think of to, "have your cake and eat it too"! There's nothing better than a dessert you can feel good about eating! Cashews make up the base of this tasty cheesecake's creamy filling. Cashews are a powerhouse of protein and boast an impressively long list of other vitamins, nutrients, and health benefits too: Copper Calcium Magnesium Iron Phosphorus Potassium Zinc Vitamin C B vitamins Folate Vitamin E Vitamin K Help prevent heart disease Promote healthy muscles and nerves Reduce risk of Diabetes Increases red blood cells Benefits bone health I told you it was a long list! Each beautiful, natural ingredient in this recipe brings it's own health benefits to the table. So, with a dessert as nutrient-dense and delicious as this, go ahead, cut yourself another slice...or two. Photo Source: Source:, "15 Powerful Benefits of Cashews", by Meenakshi Nagdeve, July 12, 2019.



  1. In a food processor blend the ingredients for the crust until the texture is minced and sticks together when you press some of the dough between your fingers.
  2. Line the bottom of a 7" round springform cake pan with parchment paper, then press the crust dough into it.
  3. For the filling, blend the cashews and coconut oil together until smooth then add the rest of the ingredients for the filling and blend for a few minutes, (about 5), until completely smooth.
  4. Pour the filling over the crust and chill in the freezer while you prepare the blueberry compote.
  5. In a small saucepan add all the ingredients for the blueberry compete and stir. Let the mixture reduce over medium/low heat for about 20 minutes until the berries are soft and the "shells" flake off. Then blend the mixture with a hand blender and pour over the cashew filling. Freeze for 2 or more hours until the cheesecake is solid and ready for serving.
  6. Optional: top with fresh blueberries.