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By: Kara Parnell After 20 years of raising kids, I've reached super ninja level skills when it comes to sneaking healthy fruits and veggies into my kids diets...apple sauce to replace oil in muffins, shredded zucchini disguised in marinara sauce. This super fast and easy Superfood Smoothie is the perfect option for getting your kids, even the picky ones, to eat fruit and veggies. I can't think of an easier way to get our kiddos to be happy about eating spinach! Unlike getting your kiddos to down a plate of broccoli or kale, the color green, in the case of this smoothie, actually works to your advantage as a parent. You can call this smoothie all kinds of exciting things to tempt your kids, like: Ninja Turtle Smoothie, or Green Slime Monster Smoothie. Kids eat this stuff up! Literally! This smoothie is ideal for busy mornings before work and school. In just a few minutes you can have this vitamin-packed breakfast ready, and send your family off, filled with goodness, to tackle their day. Photo Source: makingthymeforhealth.com



  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, pulse till smooth. Scrape sides of blender with a rubber spatula, continue blending for an additional minute or two.