Cashew Cheese Caesar With Crispy Tempeh

Ben McKeown

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Did you know our cashew cheese makes the BEST creamy dressing, no dairy involved. We love this super simple way to boost the flavour of your leafy greens, nature’s superfood! Since we’ve packed our cashew cheese with flavour, it takes the worry out of making your salads tasty. Trust us, try this way of using it and you’ll be making this creamy cashew caesar all the time. We’ve added crispy tempeh to this recipe, did you know tempeh is actually a fermented food! We love Mighty Bean Tempeh, handmade in Yandina for the best quality vegan protein!



  1. Place kale in a bowl with cashew cheese and olive oil and using your hands, massage the cheese into the kale to coat. Separate between two bowls
  2. To prepare the tempeh, heat a pan over a high heat and add a drizzle of olive oil. Add in the tempeh and let is crisp up. After a couple of minutes pour in the tamari and toss to coat. When fragrant and golden, divide tempeh between the two salad bowls.
  3. Top salad bowls with hemp seeds, avocado and kraut and enjoy!